This page will likely contain spoilers if you’re not caught up all the way, so proceed with caution, or not at all until you are caught up 🙂

These are all questions asked by you, so if you have any more ask away and I will add it to the list 🙂 Doesn’t matter if it’s about the storyline, a specific character, the blog or something else, just make sure that it hasn’t been asked already first 🙂



Q: Ivy, do you ever see Viridian any more? Oh, and do you love Viridian more than Cyan?



I haven’t seen him for along time. I’m ashamed to say that I hear him sometimes, and he’s still in my dreams every now and again, too. His voice has been faint for a long time, but I’m afraid that it has grown louder again recently.

Whether I love him more than Cyan… No, I don’t. Cyan and I have been married for such a long time now, much longer than Viridian and I have been tog- We’ve been married for longer. Cyan is my soul mate, if you believe in that sort of thing. I have moved on, even if it has taken me a long time to manage that.

I can’t say that I don’t feel anything for him any more, though. A part of my heart still belongs to him, and I have accepted that this will never change. How big that part is, I don’t know.

Q: Finn, how badly did you miss Oracle when you were away? Do you regret going?



Yes, I do. I regret it more than anything. The pain I have must have caused her when she thought I wasn’t going to come back, I- I can’t ever make up for what I’ve done to her. Had I known what would happen I would have stayed, especially because she was pregnant. She needed me, and I abandoned her.

I did miss her, but all of us thought that we were about to head back home. I never thought that I’d be gone for as long as I was. The only consolation I have is that I can protect her even better now, and I will do so until the day she dies.


Q: Finn, how did your maker become a vampire?

A: I’m afraid Finn can’t answer that one since Lil never told him that 😉 Lil’s own memories of her “re-birth” are very fuzzy at best (she was blacked out for most of it), so you’ll have to take my word for it:

It happened during a summer break, when Lil, Brink and Illusion went to Bridgeport for a little while to party and stay with a friend. One night, Lil’s friend went off without her. Hoping she’d find her way back to the house on her own she went outside, but she took a wrong turn and took a fire exit instead. She ended up in a dark alley, where a small group of three vampires were talking about.. you know… vampire stuff oO Their leader, an especially vicious young vampire who hated humans (his parents had kicked him out after he had been turned, completely disowning him) took an immediate liking to Lil. He liked feeling like he could control humans, so he glamoured her, bit her, and nearly sucked her dry. The group left her to die behind the club, but one of the three came back, took pity on her and brought her back home where she fed Lil some of her own blood.

It was all done within 15-20 minutes – since Lil was glamoured she didn’t remember a thing.

So there. No big important plot secret revealed I’m afraid – just a very hateful young vampire 😉

Q: Mischief, where do you get your ideas/ inspiration from?

A: It’s a bit all over the place! Some of my sims are actually based on real people I know (such as Ivy and Sunny), and sometimes I get ideas for story lines based on real events. The best inspiration comes from life, right? 😉

However, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night before with the most awesome idea (awesome in my opinion, anyway). For example, I had the idea of telling Ivy’s story and saw nearly her entire story line before me one morning when I woke up. I also find a nice hot shower very effective when hunting for ideas 😉

I find it’s best when you don’t go searching for an idea. The best ideas have just come to me, it’s a matter of noticing them when it happens and making a note right away. If you have just a small idea which you feel attached to, though, I suggest just starting to make notes for it and see where it takes you. Your mind will feel like you’re opening yourself to suggestions, so to speak, and will throw the best stuff at you 😉 (you know, basically brainstorming)


Q: Mischief, how did you get started on writing stories with the sims? Did you get inspired from reading other people’s stories?

A: It was a mixture of things, actually. I don’t know if you ever played the sims 2, but we had the chance to write stories with the pictures we took right in game, and I used to do that a lot. They weren’t published or anything like that, but private, just for the writer. I missed doing that since we can’t do it in the sims3, so that was one big reason 🙂

The other was that I was reading several stories that were already a few generations in. I’m a somewhat creative person, and they made me realise how much I missed it. Splash of Colour was the first one I read, but the one that inspired me the most was Burned Sugar 🙂 There was something about the way the scenes were put together that really made me crave writing again, so eventually I caved in and did 😉

A few weeks before I started we had to write a blog for one of my university units, so I was already fairly confident with using blogger. In the end the temptation was too great! 😀

Q: Hue, I know you’re still obsessed with Oracle, so perhaps your own wife doesn’t mean much to you, but what do you think of your daughter?

A: What my wife means to me is none of your business! She and my daughter mean more to me than you think, they’re very important parts of my life!

But I wouldn’t expect you to understand. Those bitches Oracle and Mischief have put you all against me, anyway.

Q: Finn, I bet you’re happy that Lily saved your life. But how do you feel about turning you into a vampire? What will you do now that you’ve got eternity? 

A: I admit, once I had fully understood what had happened to me I was a little freaked out, and also angry because she had no right to turn me against my will. I wanted to be mad at her at first, but I believed her once she had explained everything to me.

I’m not angry any more. In fact, I’m very grateful that she turned me. I can protect Oracle far better than any human can, and I will always be thankful for that. When we were teenagers I promised Oracle that I’d protect her forever, and now I can keep that promise better than ever. No one is ever going to hurt her again, I assure you!

Eternity is a strange thought, though. Lily, as you call her, seemed very upset with it herself, and thinking about it I’m sure I’d end up just as upset. That’s why I’m not planning on sticking around. Once Oracle has passed on, I will pass on, too.


Q: Finn: Why don’t you turn Oracle?

A: Oracle loves being outside so much, especially on a sunny day, that I’d never take that away from her. Vampires burn in sunshine, it’d be even more a curse for her than it is for me. As much as I would love having all of eternity with her, it wouldn’t be fair on her and I know she would miss the outside.


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