~~Outtakes, bloopers, and all that fudge~~

I will announce new pictures on the Welcome page and the twitter as well, though, so just keep an eye on those to save you the trouble ^^

(I’ve got a memory stick somewhere with all previous pictures from all previous generations, I just need to find it – can’t promise you that I will, though, cause I looked for it before a couple of times)



Not sure what I walked in on here….

Ciel: “I’m doing the dishes! Can’t you tell?”

No, not really… Are you stuck? Cause I’m pretty sure you’re stuck..

Ciel: “Nuh, I’m good!” Okay.. (my game is really glitchy)



Now if this isn’t a blooper I don’t know what is! Seance may have died in the story but that was in a save I played after they had moved to Moonlight Falls. In Moonlight Falls he’s still alive and kicking, and apparently getting married and starting a family! This won’t ever make it into the story, but I thought you might be interested to know that he’s moved on, and that unofficial baby #6 is on the way oO I’ll post a picture when I have one.


Random blue and green guy whose name I have forgotten: Why am I even here??

I don’t know oO

Nameless guy: This sucks! I’m gonna go home!

And true to his word, he was back the next day, waiting and pacing outside the Lace’s house. Kinda wish I knew what he was after. One of them must have a stalker. Between him and the girl whose name might be Rose this sure happens a lot!


Miko: *sigh* It looks sooo nice and warm in there!

How can you tell? You can’t see anything besides the wall!

Miko: I sure wish I could live in a place like this 😦


It’s your house, Miko.


Purple Lady: Look! I’ve made this! *proud face*

Made or destroyed? Don’t you mean destroyed?



(this is the same lady as the one I mentioned in 7.3 where Rainy was on her blind date. The one destroying someone’s sandcastle. (looked like it, anyway)


I see he still has a tendency to forget to get dressed after taking a shower! At least he remembered his cane? oO

Seance: Jeez, leave me alone already! This is my house! MY house, you hear me?!?”

But- The children-

Seance: “GET OF MY LAWN!” *waves very real cane*


This happened after the Snow Day party. The whole family plus kids had been invited. Everyone had gone home ages ago by this point, but Cam spent most of the night painting in Rosee’s old study, and then went outside to the hot tub. Where he got stuck.

Cam: “I can’t get back inside! Could you remove the table for me? I can’t get past it!”

What table??

Cam: “I’ve been here all night! My feet hurt! I’m tired! Could you please just remove the table already? And the picture, too? I definitely won’t be able to move past that photograph!”

What table, Cam?!? What picture??

I eventually reset him.


Little girl: “What’s this? A kitty hug?” :3

Dee: “ATTACK!!” [throws her on the floor]


What the-

Little girl: “But why?” 😦

I don’t know oO Dee just saw her and went nuts oO I’ve never seen Dee attack anyone, he hardly even hunted outside, but something must really have struck a cord with him when he saw her!


Outtakes photo Screenshot-880_zpse54687b4.jpg

Seance goddamnit wear some clothes!!

Seance: “No! I don’t wanna!”

You’re kids are at home for god’s s-

Seance: “NO!”


This happens far too often -.-

Why won’t you think of your children, Seance??


Outtakes photo Screenshot-1420_zps425da4cc.jpg

Seance: “This is MY house and I can do what I want and you’re not the boss of me and” [goes on massive rant] [waves imaginary cane at me]

*sigh* Honestly, Seance, you’re too young to be a grumpy old man -.-

It won’t be long ’til he has a REAL cane that he’ll be waving at everyone coming anywhere near his lawn, trust me. It’s impossible to get a picture of him smiling!!

(I swear he knows what I’ve done to his family)


 photo Screenshot-6_zps4eeb23c3.jpg

Honey: “I love you, Dee!” *sticks hand through cat*

Dee: “This kinda hurts :(”

I bet oO


 photo Screenshot-2_zps905d986f.jpg

Miko: “Guys, I’m scared! Are my ears supposed to be this way???”

I don’t think so, Miko :/

Miko: “Help” 😦

I wish I could, Miko :/

If it helps, it looks really adorable?

Miko: “WHAT DO I DO??”

I dunno :/

(it was fine once he moved, but they were stuck like this for longer than usual.. the game has some adorable glitches sometimes)


 photo Screenshot-8_zpsa477acd7.jpg

Salvia’s kid: “Hullo” :3

Genetics, you- I- 


So, yeah, this is what he looked like before I berrified him. You know Salvia, and his Dad is a berry himself, so I don’t know what happened, genetics!! -.- As you can see the game’s just given him this horrible dark-green/dark-brown colour which looks far too smooth and shiny, so that obviously couldn’t stay -.-

At least he had her eyes?


Outtakes photo Screenshot-1451_zpse811514f.jpg

Random light-red girl whose name is Rose I think: “Gosh, this is so boring! Why am I even here?? Screw this, I’m going home -.-“

(she just stood outside their house for ages with that look on her face like she really didn’t want to be there, but didn’t go away for some reason, either. (my sims aren’t too bright))


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