The End

It’s over, friends ❤

I wanted to say a big thank you to  everyone who’s read and loved my rainbow babies. I’m not putting anywhere near the effort into these blogs that I put into my books, and that you’ve enjoyed it anyway means a lot ❤

I have a feeling some of you will finish Poppy’s story thinking “Hang on, that can’t be it! There’s obviously more in her future!” and you’re right, there is. But it’s a completely different story to the one I just finished, and Berry knows if I had the time or the energy to start that and write another twenty chapters, I wouldn’t have capped this rainbowcy at eight generations.

If you have any other questions, please ask away ❤ This rainbowcy has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be around! I still have my other blogs, so I’ll still log in and I will see your comments, if you choose to leave any.

If you want more to read, feel free to check out my other blogs:

In Another Life is a story about a family who’s not allowed to fall in love and has to save the future, and Starbound is a story about various generations trying to find themselves and happiness. Neither are rainbowcies, both are Going Solo challenges. Both were on a break while I finished this story right here, but I will return to them now ❤ Or, if you’d rather, you’re welcome to check out this blogsite, where I take my writing a smidgen more seriously than I ever did here.

Thank you, friends and rainbows. You’ve been wonderful ❤



Quick update

Hi everyone!

Poppy is getting ready to kick off her story, but while you wait I thought I’d give you a quick update 🙂


Since this will be the final generation, I want it to be good! I’ve put Poppy and her gen through the same plotting process I use for my novels, and – Poppy was excited to hear – I even created a cork board in Scrivener 😛

The plotting and planning and scheming is going well and I’m hoping to be able to start her story soon. I don’t want to make excuses, BUT next week Sunday my parents are coming over for eight days and I really want to get my current novel’s sequel’s draft to the halfway point before then, so Poppy might have to wait a wee bit longer. Rest assured, steps have been taken to attempt a start to her generation anyway 😉

The final generation will be roughly 20 chapters long, and I’ll attempt to finish it this year 🙂 (If we take a look at how well things have gone before when I’ve said stuff like that, it’s probably best not to hope for too much)

WitW Banner Gen 8
Shiny new banner!

In the meantime, take a look around! I’ve been doing a bit of admin work on the blog recently, and the new look is rather nice if I do say so myself 😉 What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement? ^-^

So, basically: Yes, I’m ready to start her gen (I even have some pictures, as the one above proves!), but my book takes priority 🙂 I hope you can understand why my priorities are what they are.

I hope you’re all well,



Honey’s Wedding Venue

First up, apologies for not having posted anything in so long. I realise Whispers has been collecting dust, and I feel bad.

Yesterday I finally did something which I’d been putting off for a while, which is build the venue for Honey’s wedding. I still need to get the actual pictures but building this took a while, so there.

It’s mostly complete now, so what you see below is pretty much as it’ll be in the next chapter. There are two different dressing rooms in the building, one foe the bride and one for the groom, and the outside gardens. The table in the middle of the seated area is for the cake.
Screenshot-377 Screenshot-376 Screenshot-375


Screenshot-374 Screenshot-373 Screenshot-372 Screenshot-370 Screenshot-369 Screenshot-368 Screenshot-367 Screenshot-366


Screenshot-360 Screenshot-362I‘m hoping to have this out early next week – think Tuesday or Wednesday 🙂


To answer your questions…

I’m aware that the previous chapter and the death of Pixie Sprite (stop snickering! I wasn’t thinking when I created her!) has left some questions unanswered. I’ll answer the ones which I’ve been asked already in the comments (I figured more people are likely to be wondering the same things, and doing a post like this saves me having to explain it again and again) but feel free to ask away if this doesn’t answer everything.

Rainy seemed fairly unaffected by the ghost in general, though Cari was obviously subject to many of her manipulations. Why did the ghost choose Cari?

Unlike PV, Cari wasn’t a very confident girl. She was relatively gullible on top of not really believing in herself, so the ghost had very easy pickings with her! If this had happened one generation later and, say, PV had gone to China on holiday she would have been a lot more guarded. She would have been intrigued (it’s a cave shaped like a dragon which puffs smoke here and there, who wouldn’t be intrigued?), too, but she wouldn’t just have explored a very old cave which was likely to collapse at any moment (just consider how old this thing must be!). The ghost wouldn’t have had it quite so easy with her.

Cari also went to China specifically to find answers and maybe even find herself. A cave which was literally calling out to her seemed like fate, she couldn’t just ignore it.

What happened to Cari after she chose death?

Well, she died 🙂 The fairy dust Ana gave her saved her from being an eternal puppet to the ghost, but it didn’t grant her immortality or anything like that. It simply assured that Cari would die a normal death rather than end up being the slave to the ghost for the rest of al eternity, like the ghost had planned.

Why could she control Cari so easily but not Rainy?

As mentioned above, Cari had no confidence and was pretty gullible. Plus she had no idea what she was walking into when she visited China. PV knew what was waiting for her when she went, and on top of that PV doesn’t take sh*t *ahem* from anyone, especially not some ghost considering her career. PV would always have been a more tricky subject to manipulate anyway because she didn’t have the same confidence issues her Mum had, but she also came prepared whereas the ghost took Cari by surprise.

Could the ghost have prevented her own demise by manipulating Rainy to prevent her from pulling the trigger?

She tried, and had this been Cari it would have worked, too! Since PV was already a somewhat experienced ghost hunter she was used to doing this and believed in her abilities, whereas Cari would have believed her very easily had the ghost told her that her silly little gun wouldn’t work. PV wasn’t having that sh*t *ahem ahem* and went ahead anyway. She was never going to give the ghost any openings, whereas Cari had nothing but openings for the ghost to manipulate her.

Did she grow weak in the time it took Rainy to grow up and train to fight her?

Not at all! She was very much the same ghost in every respect, PV just had the means of finishing her. When Cari was around and a young teenager, this whole ghost busting thing was still very experimental and in its baby shoes, so even if Cari had called someone (not that it was a properly established business at the time just yet) it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. So I’m afraid it’s as simple as that – PV had the means of destroying the ghost, Cari didn’t.

Also, even if she wasn’t as powerful as she believed, the ghost was still powerful enough at one time to exert considerable influence over a person (or many at once, if what happened with Wave is an indication). It’s a little strange to think she’ll be gone just because she underestimated Rainy’s weapon.

Well, we know now why she was able to manipulate Cari like it was nothing, so let me move straight on to Wave. This whole invisible-leg thing was a little much for Wave anyway, but the very idea of a ghost from China possessing him like that wouldn’t even have occurred to him. If manipulating Cari had been easy for her then getting into Wave’s head really was a piece of cake! Poor guy really had no idea at all what hit him.

The weapons ghost hunters use in my game/story are specifically designed to trap ghosts. The new prototype PV was given was the best thing on the market, made to not only trap ghosts but also destroy them in the process. The ghost’s mind-invading abilities really weren’t much good against a weapon designed to destroy the likes of her! Of course, she was also very full of herself. She had never really encountered anything like it and naturally assumed that she was better than some weapon. She was somewhat deranged, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, she was all powerful – within her own mind, at least. Cari and Wave were easy targets, but she had no chance against an actual weapon made to destroy her.

Come come no one else can see ghosts? I thought the science facility in Moonlight Falls even employed some? 

Hmh, it does, although the other employees can’t see them without help. Unless you’re Cari or PV or Ciel you’d have to wear specifically designed glasses which allow the wearer to see ghosts. (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this somewhere but can’t find it right this second) Cari could see ghosts because she was cursed that way, and the twins can see them because small residues of the curse remained (Danube mentioned this I believe).

I hope this answers everything and makes sense on top of that! If anything is still unclear or you have any other questions please go ahead and ask 🙂



Mischief Is Writing A Book!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to quickly let y’all know that I’m writing a book, and if any of you were interested at all in following my progress from the first word to the finished thing, you can totally do that! You can either follow me on my book dedicated blog Cookie Break, and/or you can follow me on my book’s dedicated twitter page 🙂

Otherwise, the next you’ll hear about this is the release date some time around summer next year, and you’d miss out on all the fun in between! (like give-aways close to the release date)

Thank you for reading,


Liebster Award


Well, guys, if I didn’t feel loved before I’m definitely feeling the love now!! Whispers, my baby, has been nominated twice!! Big thank yous and hugs and cookies to Simmerz83 and sandybeachgirl2 for their kindness :3 If you haven’t already, please check out their blogs by following the links in their names.

If you guys wouldn’t mind terribly, I won’t nominate anyone else since I’ve already nominated some wonderful stories here. Feel free to have a look if you don’t believe me ^^ Sadly, the other few stories I can still think off which would be very worthy have been inactive for a very long time and seem to have been ended before their time (a moment, please) If they do make a comeback I’ll list them immediately!

Accepting the nomination comes with these conditions:
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Now, to all the questions.. (it’s a good thing I’ve got today off work)

simmerz83’s questions:

1) Are any of your Stories based on any real life events of people?

Hmh 🙂 Remember Ivy? Ivy was loosely based on someone.. There were other moments across the generations as well but they were all tiny compared to Ivy, who resembled this person quite a lot (what with her madness and all). Since finishing Ivy’s generation, especially recently, I’ve been thinking that I could have done her story far more justice had I waited, but I didn’t, because I’m impatient. Fun fact : When I started Whispers, the first two generations – yes, even the founder – were only filler leading up to Ivy’s story! Didn’t know that, huh? 😉 I knew when I first started thinking about writing Whispers that I would use it as a chance to write down Ivy’s story, but it couldn’t happen right away (or I thought so, anyway. honestly, it would have made an amazing first generation, but this is my first story and a massive learning curve. won’t happen again, I promise. I hope. Slap me if it does.)
2) Out of the sims in your stories who is/are your favorite and why?

Oh my, yes! Oddly enough, Ivy didn’t make the cut. Probably because I didn’t wait, so learn a lesson from me and be patient!! I loved Oracle, but I think a lot of people did. Of course I adored Cari and feel somewhat guilty that her life came to such a tragic end so early in her life. I love Rainy now, too, and can’t wait to tell you the rest of her story.

Coming away from Whispers a bit, I love Joel from my Going Solo challenge (the unnamed one). When he was first born I hated him because he was another mermaid (I’m not racist against mermaids, but there are only so many generations in a row before them swimming fudging everywhere gets annoying; his hate for being a mermaid very much reflects my own thoughts on the matter) but we’ve worked through it and are best friends now 🙂
3) What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of Simming?

[shameless self-promotion] Did you guys know I studied photography? [/shameless self-promotion]

We also have a cat. I love my cat :3 And I play a lot of other games, like Animal Crossing, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Skyrim, The Witcher.
4) What sims did you start playing with and why did you get into playing sims?

You know what, that was a long time ago and I can’t remember -.- I started years ago, when I was, I dunno, around ten years old. An old school friend of mine had the game and showed it to me and my best friend, and we both instantly loved it. Next time my parents and I went into town (yeah, the place I’m from is so tiny they didn’t sell video games. hard to imagine, I know) I asked whether I might have it, and Momma said yes :3
5) What are your hopes and dreams out of life in general (none sims related)?

Hmm, well, there is this book I want to write…. And did I mention I studied photography? How fudging awesome (yes, Rainy and I do have some things in common) would it be if I had my own exhibition? Or was part of one, at least? One can but dream.
6) If you could live in a Sims world what world would you want to live in and why?

That’s not easy… I love Lucky Palms. Lucky Palms seems like a place where it’s always warm, and as someone who freezes – constantly – that appeals to me. A lot.
7) If you could bring one of your Sims into the real world which one would you bring in?

Cari and Misty, because I feel like they deserve another shot. Or maybe Joel… I feel like I could be good friends with J- Rainy!! Or maybe-


I’ma stick with Cari and Misty.
8) What other creative outlets do you have other than sims stuff, poetry/short stories/crafts etc?

*ahem* Did I mention I studied- Yeah, alright, I’ll be quiet 😦
9) What was your very first ever Sims story or Legacy?

Funny you should ask ^^ This 🙂
10) Where do you get your inspiration from for your creativity?

Honestly, it just happens. Sometimes I have my moments, and an idea hits me like a brick might hit an already injured bird too weak to fly, but most of it just happens. Some of you will write in a similar way, but most of it comes directly from my characters. They’ll tell me what’s happening and I write it down. I’m like a medium! A sims medium! A story-writing medium! The final heiress for The Seven Fates of Night has been particularly vocal. We get on immensely well, and writing it has been a breeze (makes you wonder why it’s taking so long… ah well) thanks to that.
11) You have just been teleported into the last world you played in today (or yesterday). What world did you go into, what would you do first and what sims would you want to meet first in that world?

Is that just sims related? Because I last played to get pictures for Ella, and I’d probably chose to stay far away from that mad woman!

If I can include other things, too, then my only regret is that I didn’t play Mass Effect last. I played Animal Crossing last night, so I might go to Shampoodle and get a hair cut. God knows this mess needs something to stop the frizz, and this poodle looks like she knows what she’s doing. Sometimes, at least.


sandybeachgirl2’s questions:

1. Do any writers inspire you? Blog writers or novel writers?

There’s nothing specific, no… Boring, I know. There are just random bits here and there no matter what I read. You can’t help when or where inspiration hits you, whether it’s while you’re reading an amazing book or while you’re reading through some leaflet your doctor just gave you (though the latter never happened, I grant you that)
2. When you have writers block, do you plow through it and keep writing or do you take a step back and take a break?

I usually do something else for a while 🙂 With all these stories going on at the same time it’s not difficult to find something else to focus on for a bit. Often that helps, but when I doesn’t all I can do is sit it out I’m afraid. If you’ve been with Whispers from the start you might remember some rather long breaks… Yeah. Like that. I’m sorry about those :/

The worst thing about writer’s block, or any kind of art related block, is the feeling that comes with it. I hate – and I mean LOATHE – desperately wanting to do something but not knowing how to get there. I don’t know how it feels like to you guys, but to me it always feels like this dense fog that’s rapidly filling my mind, and I have no idea when the next breeze is going to come along to clear the air. I actually often go outside or take a shower, in an attempt to let an actual breeze clear my mind, or for the water to wash it away. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t.
3. Are there other types of stories you’re interested in writing? Some other genre that you’d like to try writing for?

A lot of my stories are, mostly, happy and have happy endings. Mostly. That’s how The Seven Fates of Night started, I needed an outlet for everything else that I couldn’t put into my other stories. Therefore The Seven Fates is somewhat twisted and has a lot of mature themes I wouldn’t want to expose my child to. I mean, I don’t have a child, but if I did I’d block that site so Abigail couldn’t read any of it.

There’s an other thing I was never very good at, and that’s writing in the present tense. It always seemed clumsy to me, but lately I’ve been wondering about trying it. Maybe once Whispers has finished…
4. Do you do any character development before you start writing for a character or do you figure the character out as you write for them?

I do a little. I actually have this notebook specifically for my stories (only the sims related ones, though. Everything else has different notebooks. I have a lot of notebooks.. I’m sure I have a notebook notebook somewhere) where I plan everything. I don’t plan all of my stories to a T, but for Whispers I plan every chapter ahead so I know what’ll happen. For example, right now Rainy is meant to get 34 chapters! Interesting, huh? So you’ve got roughly 14 chapters left before the heir vote! Exciting stuff. I do this at the beginning of every generation when I don’t have everyone’s name’s figured out yet, so if you were to steal said notebook you’d see a lot of ‘Cari goes to beach with family to meet guy. Guy brings sister along. Cari falls in love with sister but doesn’t realise her feelings, just likes girl’

In fact, if you did steal said notebook, you’d notice that a lot of things change as I write. Like, originally Misty was going to confess her feelings for Cari at a later time, under completely different circumstances, but she was screaming at me to do it now, so it happened when it happened rather than when I had originally planned on doing it.

In fact… I might publish a couple of pages from my notebook. Would you guys be interested in seeing that?

5. How much editing do you do for your story? Is it an ongoing process? Do you have many drafts for your chapters?

Not a lot of drafts normally, and it’s very rare that I scrap a chapter completely and start over, but it has happened on occasion. When I’m not happy with a chapter and no matter what I do I can’t seem to save it I try to remind myself that you guys most likely won’t see the difference. I’m very hard on myself (something you pick up on when you study Photography, I promise you) and correct things other people wouldn’t even notice. I proofread every chapter, add a few things here and there, take something out if it doesn’t work, and then publish, but I don’t usually proofread several times, unless I changed a lot.
6. Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever gotten inspiration for a scene for your story?

I have no idea, I don’t think I’ve ever been to any truly weird places! Honestly, the word weird takes on a completely different meaning when you study what I’ve studied, so I’m afraid I’ve got nothing.
7. If you could live with any one of your characters who would you choose, where would you live, and why?

Blimey, you mean business, don’t you!! I might move in with Joel for a while, or maybe Cam (one of Cari’s brother’s, if you don’t remember). I’d happily move anywhere as long as it’s not Isla Paradiso. I’m getting sick of that place -.-
8. What was the thing that sparked your interest and pushed you to start writing your story?

Do you remember in TS2, we had this option to write things under our screenshots IN GAME and sort them into a story? I loved that feature, and was disappointed when they didn’t include it in TS3. I wasn’t going to publish anything, or even write anything for that matter, but some of the stories I read made me miss that feature a lot. I thought I’d give it a try, and so Whispers was born 🙂
9. If you write a legacy, which is your favorite generation and why? If you write a story that isn’t a legacy, what is your favorite chapter and why?

I know this might not make sense but I’m really looking forward to gen8 of Whispers. I don’t know any of the names of Cari’s children yet, or what exactly gen8 is going to entail, but I can’t wait to get there. Maybe because Oracle’s and Seance’s generations were linked through Hue, and now Rainy’s gen is linked to Cari’s through that ghost (fun fact – I named that ghost Pixie Sprite when I first created her. Doesn’t sound so scary now, does it?). Gen 8 won’t be linked like that (well, Ana will make an appearance…) which I’m excited about. I’m done with the kids having to tidy up after their parents, if you will.
10. What is your favorite line in your story? Why?

When I first read that question last night I shrugged and had nothing, but then right after the shrugging one thing did pop into my head. Hang on, let me find it…

So this from 6.24:

G6Ch23P13 photo Screenshot-1367_zpse5804de9.jpg

“What did you do.”

“I- Fudge!” His voice failed, and ended in a high pitch I hadn’t known boys were capable of as Honey stepped right in front of him. “I didn’t- It wasn’t me! Cari, please! I’d never-”

“Get out.”

followed by

“There is nothing that you can say either to me or my sister that will make right what you did. Get. Out.”

followed by

“I’m telling her brothers what you did. I’m telling her other sister what you did. I’m telling Dad what you did. If we see you here again your Kung Fu skills won’t protect you.”

I really connected with Honey in this moment. I always adored her, anyway, and her awesome big-sisterness towards Cari, but that moment defined her a lot for me and really showed how protective she was of her baby sister. It made me love her all the more.
11. What is one thing that has surprised you about your story? Has it taken a different direction than you thought? Have readers reacted different than you imagined?

The main thing I’m still surprised by is that this is still going at all! When I first started Whispers I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep it up. Then there are the people who entered Whisper’s life and left again, and then there are those who always pop in to comment after every chapter, which is very appreciated.

The one thing that has really taken me aback and still stuns me now when it happens is when people say things like ‘Best Rainbowcy Ever!’ or ‘You’re an amazing writer, I can’t get enough of this!’ I never thought I’d get feedback as amazing as this, and every time someone leaves a comment like that it makes my day. They mean the world to me, and I’m honestly considering printing them out so I have them handy should I ever get a bad comment, or for those periods when no one comments even though I thought it was my best chapter in a long time.

If you write yourself you’ll know how much things like that improve your day instantly. Thank you.

Important, please read!

Hi everyone!

I thought I owe you again an explanation for not posting anything. I wanted to let you all know quickly that Whispers isn’t my top priority story any more and also give you the reason for that. As you might know Whispers is my first ever story that I’ve done with the sims and published, so it means a lot to me and is like my story baby. However, over the course of this rainbowcy a lot of readers have left, and overall I’m hardly getting any comments on this one. I’m not meaning to be whiny ‘no one comments therefore I quit’ but I feel that my other sims bogs/legacies/stories get more attention and are more popular, so I have decided to focus on those which are being read more.

I know this doesn’t apply to all of you. I know some of my first readers are still here but I don’t think there are a hell of a lot of you left. If those of you who are still here felt at any point that things were going downhill I’d appreciate the feedback relating that to me. These things can only grow so much without the feedback necessary for me to know what works for you guys and what doesn’t! And of course it is more enjoyable when you hear from the people who read, too since it doesn’t feel like I’m mostly doing this for myself. A lot of time goes into writing these, and it’s time I could spend on other things as well – God knows I don’t have enough time for everything I want to do as it is!

I know that my style has changed a lot, so maybe that’s the reason but personally I feel that I’ve improved more than anything. The generations have gotten longer and I enjoy writing them but if I feel that no one wants to read it then that takes some of the enjoyment out of it.

I won’t stop writing just yet but don’t expect a lot of chapters in quick succession. It’s no longer my priority. Again, this isn’t supposed to be a whiny post so I apologise if it comes across that way. I just wanted to let you know that I want to focus on the stories which do get the traffic where I know that people read and enjoy them.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand my reasoning.