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Well, guys, if I didn’t feel loved before I’m definitely feeling the love now!! Whispers, my baby, has been nominated twice!! Big thank yous and hugs and cookies to Simmerz83 and sandybeachgirl2 for their kindness :3 If you haven’t already, please check out their blogs by following the links in their names.

If you guys wouldn’t mind terribly, I won’t nominate anyone else since I’ve already nominated some wonderful stories here. Feel free to have a look if you don’t believe me ^^ Sadly, the other few stories I can still think off which would be very worthy have been inactive for a very long time and seem to have been ended before their time (a moment, please) If they do make a comeback I’ll list them immediately!

Accepting the nomination comes with these conditions:
1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.
3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.
4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

Now, to all the questions.. (it’s a good thing I’ve got today off work)

simmerz83’s questions:

1) Are any of your Stories based on any real life events of people?

Hmh 🙂 Remember Ivy? Ivy was loosely based on someone.. There were other moments across the generations as well but they were all tiny compared to Ivy, who resembled this person quite a lot (what with her madness and all). Since finishing Ivy’s generation, especially recently, I’ve been thinking that I could have done her story far more justice had I waited, but I didn’t, because I’m impatient. Fun fact : When I started Whispers, the first two generations – yes, even the founder – were only filler leading up to Ivy’s story! Didn’t know that, huh? 😉 I knew when I first started thinking about writing Whispers that I would use it as a chance to write down Ivy’s story, but it couldn’t happen right away (or I thought so, anyway. honestly, it would have made an amazing first generation, but this is my first story and a massive learning curve. won’t happen again, I promise. I hope. Slap me if it does.)
2) Out of the sims in your stories who is/are your favorite and why?

Oh my, yes! Oddly enough, Ivy didn’t make the cut. Probably because I didn’t wait, so learn a lesson from me and be patient!! I loved Oracle, but I think a lot of people did. Of course I adored Cari and feel somewhat guilty that her life came to such a tragic end so early in her life. I love Rainy now, too, and can’t wait to tell you the rest of her story.

Coming away from Whispers a bit, I love Joel from my Going Solo challenge (the unnamed one). When he was first born I hated him because he was another mermaid (I’m not racist against mermaids, but there are only so many generations in a row before them swimming fudging everywhere gets annoying; his hate for being a mermaid very much reflects my own thoughts on the matter) but we’ve worked through it and are best friends now 🙂
3) What are some hobbies you enjoy outside of Simming?

[shameless self-promotion] Did you guys know I studied photography? [/shameless self-promotion]

We also have a cat. I love my cat :3 And I play a lot of other games, like Animal Crossing, Mass Effect, Pokemon, Skyrim, The Witcher.
4) What sims did you start playing with and why did you get into playing sims?

You know what, that was a long time ago and I can’t remember -.- I started years ago, when I was, I dunno, around ten years old. An old school friend of mine had the game and showed it to me and my best friend, and we both instantly loved it. Next time my parents and I went into town (yeah, the place I’m from is so tiny they didn’t sell video games. hard to imagine, I know) I asked whether I might have it, and Momma said yes :3
5) What are your hopes and dreams out of life in general (none sims related)?

Hmm, well, there is this book I want to write…. And did I mention I studied photography? How fudging awesome (yes, Rainy and I do have some things in common) would it be if I had my own exhibition? Or was part of one, at least? One can but dream.
6) If you could live in a Sims world what world would you want to live in and why?

That’s not easy… I love Lucky Palms. Lucky Palms seems like a place where it’s always warm, and as someone who freezes – constantly – that appeals to me. A lot.
7) If you could bring one of your Sims into the real world which one would you bring in?

Cari and Misty, because I feel like they deserve another shot. Or maybe Joel… I feel like I could be good friends with J- Rainy!! Or maybe-


I’ma stick with Cari and Misty.
8) What other creative outlets do you have other than sims stuff, poetry/short stories/crafts etc?

*ahem* Did I mention I studied- Yeah, alright, I’ll be quiet 😦
9) What was your very first ever Sims story or Legacy?

Funny you should ask ^^ This 🙂
10) Where do you get your inspiration from for your creativity?

Honestly, it just happens. Sometimes I have my moments, and an idea hits me like a brick might hit an already injured bird too weak to fly, but most of it just happens. Some of you will write in a similar way, but most of it comes directly from my characters. They’ll tell me what’s happening and I write it down. I’m like a medium! A sims medium! A story-writing medium! The final heiress for The Seven Fates of Night has been particularly vocal. We get on immensely well, and writing it has been a breeze (makes you wonder why it’s taking so long… ah well) thanks to that.
11) You have just been teleported into the last world you played in today (or yesterday). What world did you go into, what would you do first and what sims would you want to meet first in that world?

Is that just sims related? Because I last played to get pictures for Ella, and I’d probably chose to stay far away from that mad woman!

If I can include other things, too, then my only regret is that I didn’t play Mass Effect last. I played Animal Crossing last night, so I might go to Shampoodle and get a hair cut. God knows this mess needs something to stop the frizz, and this poodle looks like she knows what she’s doing. Sometimes, at least.


sandybeachgirl2’s questions:

1. Do any writers inspire you? Blog writers or novel writers?

There’s nothing specific, no… Boring, I know. There are just random bits here and there no matter what I read. You can’t help when or where inspiration hits you, whether it’s while you’re reading an amazing book or while you’re reading through some leaflet your doctor just gave you (though the latter never happened, I grant you that)
2. When you have writers block, do you plow through it and keep writing or do you take a step back and take a break?

I usually do something else for a while 🙂 With all these stories going on at the same time it’s not difficult to find something else to focus on for a bit. Often that helps, but when I doesn’t all I can do is sit it out I’m afraid. If you’ve been with Whispers from the start you might remember some rather long breaks… Yeah. Like that. I’m sorry about those :/

The worst thing about writer’s block, or any kind of art related block, is the feeling that comes with it. I hate – and I mean LOATHE – desperately wanting to do something but not knowing how to get there. I don’t know how it feels like to you guys, but to me it always feels like this dense fog that’s rapidly filling my mind, and I have no idea when the next breeze is going to come along to clear the air. I actually often go outside or take a shower, in an attempt to let an actual breeze clear my mind, or for the water to wash it away. Sometimes it works, often it doesn’t.
3. Are there other types of stories you’re interested in writing? Some other genre that you’d like to try writing for?

A lot of my stories are, mostly, happy and have happy endings. Mostly. That’s how The Seven Fates of Night started, I needed an outlet for everything else that I couldn’t put into my other stories. Therefore The Seven Fates is somewhat twisted and has a lot of mature themes I wouldn’t want to expose my child to. I mean, I don’t have a child, but if I did I’d block that site so Abigail couldn’t read any of it.

There’s an other thing I was never very good at, and that’s writing in the present tense. It always seemed clumsy to me, but lately I’ve been wondering about trying it. Maybe once Whispers has finished…
4. Do you do any character development before you start writing for a character or do you figure the character out as you write for them?

I do a little. I actually have this notebook specifically for my stories (only the sims related ones, though. Everything else has different notebooks. I have a lot of notebooks.. I’m sure I have a notebook notebook somewhere) where I plan everything. I don’t plan all of my stories to a T, but for Whispers I plan every chapter ahead so I know what’ll happen. For example, right now Rainy is meant to get 34 chapters! Interesting, huh? So you’ve got roughly 14 chapters left before the heir vote! Exciting stuff. I do this at the beginning of every generation when I don’t have everyone’s name’s figured out yet, so if you were to steal said notebook you’d see a lot of ‘Cari goes to beach with family to meet guy. Guy brings sister along. Cari falls in love with sister but doesn’t realise her feelings, just likes girl’

In fact, if you did steal said notebook, you’d notice that a lot of things change as I write. Like, originally Misty was going to confess her feelings for Cari at a later time, under completely different circumstances, but she was screaming at me to do it now, so it happened when it happened rather than when I had originally planned on doing it.

In fact… I might publish a couple of pages from my notebook. Would you guys be interested in seeing that?

5. How much editing do you do for your story? Is it an ongoing process? Do you have many drafts for your chapters?

Not a lot of drafts normally, and it’s very rare that I scrap a chapter completely and start over, but it has happened on occasion. When I’m not happy with a chapter and no matter what I do I can’t seem to save it I try to remind myself that you guys most likely won’t see the difference. I’m very hard on myself (something you pick up on when you study Photography, I promise you) and correct things other people wouldn’t even notice. I proofread every chapter, add a few things here and there, take something out if it doesn’t work, and then publish, but I don’t usually proofread several times, unless I changed a lot.
6. Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever gotten inspiration for a scene for your story?

I have no idea, I don’t think I’ve ever been to any truly weird places! Honestly, the word weird takes on a completely different meaning when you study what I’ve studied, so I’m afraid I’ve got nothing.
7. If you could live with any one of your characters who would you choose, where would you live, and why?

Blimey, you mean business, don’t you!! I might move in with Joel for a while, or maybe Cam (one of Cari’s brother’s, if you don’t remember). I’d happily move anywhere as long as it’s not Isla Paradiso. I’m getting sick of that place -.-
8. What was the thing that sparked your interest and pushed you to start writing your story?

Do you remember in TS2, we had this option to write things under our screenshots IN GAME and sort them into a story? I loved that feature, and was disappointed when they didn’t include it in TS3. I wasn’t going to publish anything, or even write anything for that matter, but some of the stories I read made me miss that feature a lot. I thought I’d give it a try, and so Whispers was born 🙂
9. If you write a legacy, which is your favorite generation and why? If you write a story that isn’t a legacy, what is your favorite chapter and why?

I know this might not make sense but I’m really looking forward to gen8 of Whispers. I don’t know any of the names of Cari’s children yet, or what exactly gen8 is going to entail, but I can’t wait to get there. Maybe because Oracle’s and Seance’s generations were linked through Hue, and now Rainy’s gen is linked to Cari’s through that ghost (fun fact – I named that ghost Pixie Sprite when I first created her. Doesn’t sound so scary now, does it?). Gen 8 won’t be linked like that (well, Ana will make an appearance…) which I’m excited about. I’m done with the kids having to tidy up after their parents, if you will.
10. What is your favorite line in your story? Why?

When I first read that question last night I shrugged and had nothing, but then right after the shrugging one thing did pop into my head. Hang on, let me find it…

So this from 6.24:

G6Ch23P13 photo Screenshot-1367_zpse5804de9.jpg

“What did you do.”

“I- Fudge!” His voice failed, and ended in a high pitch I hadn’t known boys were capable of as Honey stepped right in front of him. “I didn’t- It wasn’t me! Cari, please! I’d never-”

“Get out.”

followed by

“There is nothing that you can say either to me or my sister that will make right what you did. Get. Out.”

followed by

“I’m telling her brothers what you did. I’m telling her other sister what you did. I’m telling Dad what you did. If we see you here again your Kung Fu skills won’t protect you.”

I really connected with Honey in this moment. I always adored her, anyway, and her awesome big-sisterness towards Cari, but that moment defined her a lot for me and really showed how protective she was of her baby sister. It made me love her all the more.
11. What is one thing that has surprised you about your story? Has it taken a different direction than you thought? Have readers reacted different than you imagined?

The main thing I’m still surprised by is that this is still going at all! When I first started Whispers I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to keep it up. Then there are the people who entered Whisper’s life and left again, and then there are those who always pop in to comment after every chapter, which is very appreciated.

The one thing that has really taken me aback and still stuns me now when it happens is when people say things like ‘Best Rainbowcy Ever!’ or ‘You’re an amazing writer, I can’t get enough of this!’ I never thought I’d get feedback as amazing as this, and every time someone leaves a comment like that it makes my day. They mean the world to me, and I’m honestly considering printing them out so I have them handy should I ever get a bad comment, or for those periods when no one comments even though I thought it was my best chapter in a long time.

If you write yourself you’ll know how much things like that improve your day instantly. Thank you.


Merry Christmas, Everyone! – Have yourselves a sort-of Christmassy Special :) (kind of)

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your loved ones. It’s not about the presents, but about the people in your life you cherish and are grateful for, and I hope you get to spend some time this year with those people – so no sulking if you didn’t get the things you wanted ^^



With a jolt, Lily Wisp woke up. Her body felt odd, like little bugs were running all over it or like her skin was crawling with something all together different, but when she inspected her arms there was nothing there. Nothing odd at all. Just her.

Confused about the sudden change of scenery, she looked around. Her heart was still racing, and her breathing didn’t come easy, like someone had choked her, but the more she tried to remember where she had been just now that was so different to this place the more she forgot.

There was nothing. She was alone.


No. There was something, at the far end of this unfamiliar white room. A door. A big, heavy stone or marble door. It didn’t look that far away, Lily was certain she could run to it quickly, but how far away was it really? She got the feeling that nothing in this place was what it appeared to be. For all she knew, this door was years away. Yes, years. That seemed more accurate. Very fitting for… wherever she was. Would she want to run to it? Did she really want to reach it? Lily felt herself strangely drawn to it, like it was the only thing that mattered now.


Looking around, she realised that the ground she stood on was oddly soft as well as hard. She touched it, and was surprised to feel the smooth touch of cotton buds, or something equally soft, against her skin and yet her feet stood firmly.

Yes, now that she looked around, the door was the only real way forward. It was the only thing she could see – there was only white no matter where she turned her eyes to otherwise.

And two people. Two people she thought she recognised.



Her memories came back gently, and seemed to comfort her against whatever it was that had brought her here.

Her Mum and her twin sister, Rosee. Why were they here? Had they been brought here for the same reasons that she was here?

Unmeasurable joy rushed through her as their eyes met. How long had it been? Ten minutes? Ten Years?

One hundred years since she had last seen them?


“Rosee! Mum!” Without giving it another thought, Lily leapt forwards, right into her sister’s arms.


She remembered now that her sister had been her best friend, but where were the others? There were others, weren’t there? She was sure she had a father – most people did – and something at the back of her mind whispered of brothers as well. Why weren’t they here?

Where was here? Why did it feel like a small eternity had passed since she had last embraced her sister? They had only just had breakfast together, hadn’t they?

Reluctantly, she let go of her twin and allowed her Mum to pull her into a hug.


“We’ve been waiting for you, sweetheart. Your father and I have missed you so much.” There it was. She did have a father. So where was he? Where was anyone? Something else was tugging at the back of her mind. Father, father… Little arms reaching up, begging to be picked up. She was a mother. And she was married. The sound of her daughter’s memory brought tears to her eyes. Where was her daughter? Where was Twilight? Somehow, even though she missed her terribly, she knew that her girl not being here was a good thing.

Finally she felt brave enough to ask the question she had been dreading for no reason she could think of.

“Where are we?”


“We’re at The Gate, Lil. It’s hard to explain.”

“The Gate? What’s The Gate?”

“It’s where we go when we…” Lily couldn’t remember the last time she had seen Rosee lost for words. She thought that didn’t mean much since she couldn’t remember much of anything.

Offering a reassuring smile only a mother could smile, her mother jumped in. “The Gate is a gateway, Lily. Between the last world and the next.”

Realisation swept through her but, unlike everything she had expected, she wasn’t scared.


“I’m dead, then?” Her mother and sister nodded.

“You are, sweetheart. All of us are.”

“We go behind The Gate in preparation of our next life. We can stay for as long as we wish, but most people only stay for a short amount of time. The excitement of life is too tempting for most.” Lily didn’t know why, but everything made sense. Like she had heard all this before. The last time, probably, she thought.

“I’m so proud of you, sweetheart.” Her Mum’s honest embrace brought back everything. All the pain. All the joy. Her entire life, seeping back into her mind. The way she had died. The promise she had made her Mum so many years ago, to protect this family. The night she had been attacked, and turned.

Hue was dead. Lily felt an immense sense of pride fill her. She had done well. She had raised a beautiful family, had kept her promise to her mother, and, most importantly, had no regrets. Life had been good, but now it was time for a break.


“Are Dad, Brink and Illusion here, too?”

Rosee nodded. “They are. They are behind The Gate.”

“Your father insisted we have this moment to ourselves. The moment you wake up here can be deeply confusing and overwhelming. They all want to see you, but we didn’t want to make this more difficult for you than it had to be.”

“Where are we, exactly?” She could see them, talk to them, feel the soft fabric of the solid surface she stood on. This had to be a physical place, but it was like nothing she had ever heard of.

“It’s really not that simple, Lil. The easiest answer to give is that we are nowhere.”


“Nowhe- How is that possible?” Another question came up, and she wondered why she hadn’t asked it before. “Have you been waiting here all this time?”

Her sister and mother exchanged a knowing smile. “Time passes differently behind The Gate. You’ll see!” Rosee gave her a wink, but it just made more questions flare up.

“We’ve been watching you, sweetheart. And we know what’s next. This place, it… knows things. Like it lies outside the usual boundaries of time and its laws. Watching my family flourish has made the stay here very worth it.” Lily didn’t doubt it. It was extremely reassuring to know that all those well-meant sayings about your loved ones watching you once they’d gone to heaven were true. Even if this wasn’t really the heaven they commonly envisioned.

She wished she could somehow pass this knowledge onto her family, but knew that they’d be fine without it, too. Humans usually were.


“So what comes next?”

“Next we step through The Gate.”

“And then?”


“We’ll see what the future holds.” Rosee winked, making her feel like she was a teenager again.

“You’ve more than earned the rest, sweetheart” her mother added, smiling. Lily was excited to begin her new life, to do it all over again, but she was curious to watch her family, too. For a little while at least.

After all the years she had spent alone, after all the time she had invested in keeping her family save-


What could be a better reward for a life well lived than to spend a few hundred years together with her family?

A Moving-In Gift ;) (also a late 3rd birthday special)

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, Lily Wisp didn’t feel like it was good enough. Being a vampire had granted her many perks which humans simply didn’t possess, and they had served her well over the years, but now – for the first time since she had been turned – she felt like she wasn’t going to make it in time.


If she could just get both of them out – that was all she wanted. She’d come back for him later. She knew where he lived, after all, and she had watched him for long enough to know what his schedule was.

So why had he managed to outwit me? 

The set-up had come as a surprise to Lily. How he had managed it she didn’t know, but it didn’t matter. She really hoped it wouldn’t matter. The moment she had found out what he was planning she had been on her way, leaving the farewell letters to her family behind on the kitchen table. If everything went to plan, if she could corner him, everything would end tonight and she wouldn’t make it out alive, but she had been prepared for that.

Lily Wisp had been ready for an end for a good long while.


From afar she could see the first flames ignite in the small abandoned cottage. There was no one outside the old building, and the implications made her push herself to run faster. If no one was outside…

If they were even there. There was a small chance that his plan would backfire even without her interfering, but she knew deep down that Seance as well as Mango would be inside the cottage by now. Which meant that they were both surrounded by flames right now, and desperately needed her help.

Lily’s heart missed a beat when a deafening roar filled the air. Something inside the building had exploded, and for a brief moment she feared that this was it, that there was nothing else she could do now, but she had to try. It was possible that somehow, his two prisoners had dodged the blast, though she wasn’t sure how they could have accomplished that. Everything inside the building was made of flammable material, a slow decay had seen to that. It was all she could do not to cave in and give up, but if there was any chance at all – she had to make sure that they could still be saved. It was what she had come for, after all. That, and his life.


It seemed to her like the whole room was on fire when she finally reached the dying cottage. Everything inside the tiny kitchen seemed to have caught a spark and had lit up. It took her eyes a moment to adjust to the heat and energy in front of her, but once she could bare to keep them open for long enough she frantically searched the room for the two bodies she knew had to be there. The flames were hot even for her, and she didn’t feel temperatures the same as humans did. If they threatened to overpower her then Seance and Mango would be struggling, if the explosion hadn’t taken them out all ready.

Her eyes searched the room and Lily feared the worst when finally, she spotted two bodies lying side by side on the dirty, ash covered floor. There were several flames nearby, but both of them looked unharmed otherwise. Quickly, she made her way across the scorching room, lifting both of them up into her arms like they weighed nothing. Not daring to risk another second of their lives, she dashed outside with a speed impossible for humans, and gently laid the two unconscious bodies on the cool grass. She wanted to stay a moment and search both of them for injuries, but she didn’t want him to escape, either. She had waited for so long to corner him that she just couldn’t risk him getting away, not after everything his family had done to her and her relatives.

Lily sent a quick prayer to whoever might listen that the baby would be okay, and ran back inside the house. She had never inspected the cottage before, but it didn’t take her long to find the trap door hidden underneath the carpet under the table. It was a very cliche set-up, and she was grateful that her enemy didn’t have the intelligence to go with his evil nature.

In one fluid movement she shoved the table and chairs out of the way and opened the trapdoor. The mechanics were a little stiff and would have been a problem for most humans, but they were nothing to her. He must have tried to lock himself in, she thought, forgetting who was coming after him.


Quickly she climbed down the ladder, trying hard not to make any unnecessary sounds. If she could take him by surprise he wouldn’t get away. She just hoped that he hadn’t made his escape already.


Her whole body felt light with elation when she saw him on the other side of the brown room, feeling around an old bookshelf. He was close to opening the door to his escape, but not close enough. Lily wouldn’t let him get any closer.

One second was all it took her to make her way across he room, between him and the shelf. A surprised gasp escaped his throat as she forced her way between the two, finally facing him.


“H-how did you get in here?” He sounded surprised more than anything, but she knew that within seconds that surprise would turn into anger turning into fear. She hoped she could push him to feel terror, too.

“The door. It wasn’t exactly well hidden.” There it was. Anger. Pure, boiling anger at the realisation that she had finally gotten to him. Anger at knowing that he had failed.

“Well, you’re too late! The explosion killed them!”


A smug smile spread on her lips. “It didn’t. I carried them outside just now. They’ll be fine.” Without looking down she could tell that he was clenching his hands into fists. With all the strength he possessed he leaned in to punch her, but neither his speed nor his technique were good enough to come close to touching her. She had blocked his miserable attempt at an attack before he knew what hit him.

Lily wanted to hurt him, to beat him, to see him lying on the floor unconscious, but she wanted to see him tremble in horror even more as his life slowly expired. She had waited too long for this. Nothing was going to destroy this moment.


“What do you want?” He spat the words, full of venom, meant to hurt her, but they did nothing of the sort. In fact, they only told her that she had won. He knew he couldn’t get out now that she was here, and she revelled in seeing the realisation on his face. “You got them out! You got what you came for!”

Lily gave him a smile which she knew would make his legs go weak with fear.

“I’m not here for them.” He didn’t have to know that she was partially lying. “I’m here for you. For what you did to my family. For what your long dead relative did to me. For what your business has done to this town. It ends now, Hue. Your reign of terror is over.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” The tone in his voice became hectic. He looked like nothing more than a panicked, caged animal to her, trying to escape its predator.

“You don’t remember bullying Oracle, then? You don’t remember raising a daughter for the only purpose of destroying my family? Or using that poor woman you call a wife to birth your army?”


“What does any of that have to do with you?” Lily slapped him as hard as she could muster, and couldn’t stop the grin appearing when she heard the distinctive cracking of bones. His nose was broken.


“They are my family, Hue! A family I promised to protect from the likes of you! Do you know where the true irony lies?” Covering his nose with pained tears in his eyes, Hue shook his head viciously. “The true irony, Hue Sizzle, lies in the fact that your long dead relative, Emminence Sizzle, was the one who led to me being turned. If he hadn’t attacked me, one of his minions wouldn’t have taken pity on me and turned me. Do you know what she said to me, after it was done? She told me his name, so that one day I could do what she could not. That day is now. Your own family has betrayed you, Hue, long before you were even born.”

“Let me go!” Lily wished that Oracle could have seen this. Her lifelong bully, reduced to begging.


“Don’t be stupid, you’ll die with me!”


“I should have died a long time ago. It’s your bad luck that I didn’t.”

Another explosion tore through the cottage, the blast ripping the already fragile foundation to shreds. Hot, burning rubble fell into the secret basement, causing Hue to struggle against Lily’s hold on him, but she was determined not to let him go.

What was his strength against hers, anyway?

He wasn’t going anywhere. Not while she lived-

And vampires were good at outliving humans.

Disclaimer About Sensitive Subjects, Please Read (some cussing involved)

Hi everyone.

This is about something that’s recently happened on a story of a friend of mine. If you read it yourselves you’ll like know which one I’m talking about. It was immensely beautifully written, and, like the majority of blogs, books, movies, …….,  out there addressed some sensitive subjects. I have done this myself on a number of occasions, for example in the way Cari got pregnant (not wanting to give any spoilers here), but the difference is that for some reason, on her blog, her readers completely blew things out of proportion which led to her feeling the need to take down her blog.

Maybe one of you can explain this to me. If you don’t like something you’re reading, if you feel very strongly against the chosen topic, why on earth would you feel the need to continue reading and comment on every chapter just to say how much you hate it, like someone is holding a gun to your head? What exactly stops you from just leaving the blog and moving on? This is one of the first things I say on every one of my own blogs, but I’ll say it again now since apparently, some people can’t figure this out for themselves: If you don’t like what you’re reading, that’s perfectly fine, but move on. If my blog isn’t for you than I’m okay with that, but there’s absolutely no point whatsoever to you continuously telling me how much you hate what you’re reading. Personally I think if you keep reading regardless than you can’t really hate it as much as you claim, so stop moaning about it.

To be brutally honest, if this is you – if you keep reading something you hate and then tell the author how disgusted you are with it – you are immensely childish and immature and need to grow the fuck up before reading any kind of fiction again. These things are made up. Fictional. Not real. Get over it.

Her readers (and no, not all of them – there was a lot of support for her as well) really completely blew this out of proportion. In their mind, this male character raped this female character (which isn’t what happened at all. they were both more than old enough to make it clear that they didn’t want this – instead, neither said anything, they both stayed quiet about it and for the record – he didn’t want this at all either and was about as uncomfortable with the whole thing as humanly possibly, yet for some reason he’s the one who raped her and apparently it was disgusting. not sure what they were reading but the chapter in question had a different plot) which is about as far from the truth as you can get. The problem here is this new, modern take on feminism which dictates that men are to blame for everything everywhere and that women can’t possibly do anything wrong. (rant about modern feminism over).

So, to make a long story short: If you don’t like it, thank you for giving my story a try. Please leave. No one is forcing you to read something you’re uncomfortable with. If you feel the need to keep reading and commenting anyway, despite finding the content disgusting-

Grow. The Fuck. Up.


45K Thank You Special!

Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball, what can you tell me that I don’t already know?

Carefully, worried she might miss something otherwise, Ana focused on the faint images which were forming in the magical tool before her.

There was no doubt in her mind that she was linked to the Lace family somehow. For better or for worse, she didn’t know, but she knew that her recent run-ins with them couldn’t have been a coincidence.

I have lived a long life. Maybe, finally, there’s a reason to my continued presence in this world? 

She remembered her first encounter with one of them very clearly, like it had been yesterday. Ivy… The poor girl had sought her out in such a difficult, terrible time of her young life. Ana was beginning to think that maybe, their meeting hadn’t been significant only to Ivy.

She had a feeling that, to understand this mysterious link, she had to know every generation before Ivy, too. Every generation that mattered to the future she had seen. Somewhere in their past, she was hoping to find a clue to this mysterious bond she had been sensing.

The images were… fuzzy, but slowly they began to form into coherent pictures.

A man and a woman, fighting, their teenage daughter caught in the middle until she can no longer stand it and leaves the only home she’s ever known. Whisper moves to Sunset Valley, unknowingly starting a family which would one day be of great importance to the human race. 

Ana smiled to herself. In many ways, it was Whisper’s parents who had started this. Her parents who had set her upon this path, and her entire family with her.

It was ironic, she thought, that something so terrible could have sparked something so wonderful.

The images changed, and where there had been clouds of white, a pink mist formed.

Rosee Charm. Her sister had protected this family for a very long time, until the day she had decided that she had lived for too long, and had made saving Seance and Mango the last favour to her now estranged family, ensuring the death and fall of those who had harmed this family in the process. Hue had died in the fire, held captive by Lily. Sierra had gone to prison, where she, too, had eventually paid for her crimes. But none of that mattered. Not yet.

Ana smiled, knowing what this headstrong, ambitious woman had created. Her successful business had pulled her family out of their debts, and built a secure safety net for future generations. Her husband, Pine, had to be credited for this as well; Musicians as talented as him were bound to make a lot of money.

But that kind of achievement wasn’t what Ana was interested in.

Rosee’s daughter, Ivy, was far more interesting to her than any business strategy Rosee had built. For if Rosee hadn’t been as absorbed in her work as she had been, and if Conifer and Pastel hadn’t left Ivy in their own, individual ways, then little Pale Ivy would have grown up differently.

A small chuckle escaped Ana’s lips. Odd, how one person’s actions and decisions could influence the growth of another so… fundamentally.

If Ivy hadn’t suffered as she did, she would never have met Cyan, and if she hadn’t met Cyan…

Time and fate were fragile things.

A warm sensation spread within her as the crystal ball revealed the still familiar image of Pale Ivy to her. The girl who had inescapably pulled her into the happenings of this family.

The girl who had gone through so much, yet achieved so much in return. Who, had she not gone through insanity and pulled herself back out, would likely never have felt the need to connect with strangers just to connect with someone, and who, as a result, would never have met her husband and father of her children.

Who, together with Cyan, lend so much support to her children and grandchildren while she was alive.

Ivy was special to Ana. When most others had condemned her as a witch and avoided her, Ivy had sought her out. Ivy had poured her heart out to her, and Ana had found herself captivated by the girl, and had wanted nothing as much as to embrace and protect her. Now it seemed that she still had unfinished business with Ivy’s family, long after Ivy herself had left this earth.

Ana remembered Oracle, though the last time she would have seen her Oracle would have been a little baby.

Raised with the never-ending love of her parents, all she had wanted was the same irrevocable love. And she had found it, too, and earlier than most. Their bloodline had nearly ended there, when Finn had gone abroad with the military and Oracle had found out that having children was an unlikely dream she would possibly never see fulfilled.

But then little Seance came along, and even though it took Oracle a while to get over the pain of having lost her husband, she soon showered her son with love.

This was around the same time that Ana was granted immortality, and rare fairy magic. Her Goddess had granted her this gift in return for what she had done for Ivy, Ana could feel the truth of that. The fairy who had bestowed these ancient powers to her had been but a messenger, and even though Ana hadn’t known why she should be allowed to live for such a long time she had never anticipated that this family would be so closely tied to herself.

Ana had wanted to help Seance through all the pain this world had placed upon him, but she had never felt that it was her place to interfere. Ivy was long gone, and she was a stranger to this family now.

Rosee’s sister, Lily, still fulfilled the role of their protector rather well. Until the day of the incident, where she took the Sizzle family down with her as a last favour to a family who had forgotten her but who she had continued to love unconditionally regardless.

And again the bloodline would have ended, if Mango hadn’t found her way back into Seance’s life in the last moment. His children with Sierra weren’t insignificant, Ana knew that, but there was no doubt in her mind that it was Cari whose fate would be the essential link to their fate.

For had Cari not been born, Autumn Rain and Ceil would never have been born into this world, either, and then their achievements would never be able to-

Ana reminded herself that some things weren’t meant to be known ahead of time. She knew what was necessary to rest assured. For now, that was all that mattered.

She had met Cari by accident, but she was grateful that she had been able to be of help to her. That she had been allowed to ease the girl’s passing, and to have saved her from an eternity of being a ghost’s slave.

Like with Seance, Ana hadn’t thought that it was her right to interfere in the young girl’s life, but when their paths had crossed it had made her realise that the link she had felt to this family was real. For better or for worse, their fates were intertwined.

Autumn Rain and Ceil were well on their way to becoming incredible people, but they would need each other to achieve everything that was necessary. If one of them failed at the wrong moment-

Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball, show me a future where their endeavours have failed.

It wouldn’t come to pass. Ana wouldn’t let it.

To chase away the fear of this possible future, Ana brought back the fog of another, more desired outcome.

The beauty of it… Ana felt tears well up as she could barely contain her excitement.

The future was beautiful. She was going to ensure it. Autumn and Ceil were going to ensure it, as was Autumn’s child.

And all their ancestors had played their part in this future. Some of them in only small, insignificant seeming ways – but once one considered the impact the smallest of actions could have it became apparent just how essential all of those people had been.

It wasn’t time yet, but just knowing that everything was on its way to working out in favour of this one possibility, well…

Ana was excited and grateful to be involved. She didn’t fully understand her role in these events, but she would do her best to be encouraging and a friend to the family.

For now, she would simply watch.


Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading this – I can’t believe this has reached 45K views! To those of you who have commented on here, on twitter or on the forums – your feedback and continued support and excitement for this means the world to me, and I hope that all of you could enjoy this little special :3

If This Hadn’t Been A Rainbowcy – Part 2

And here’s the last generation – naturally I’ve lost Sierra and Mango. I’ve added something at the end to make up for it 😉

(How beautiful is Cari??)


Gen 5

 photo Screenshot-688_zpsc1fc7e60.jpg


 photo Screenshot-690_zps8c378d24.jpg


 photo Screenshot-693_zps6a4c40c5.jpg


 photo Screenshot-691_zpsc0db6dd9.jpg


 photo Screenshot-694_zpsc19a7ade.jpg


 photo Screenshot-696_zps714e4e35.jpg


Gen 6

 photo Screenshot-698_zpsc630ce5b.jpg


 photo Screenshot-703_zps0dc3f416.jpg


What you do with that information, and what you read into it, is up to you ^^



If This Hadn’t Been A Rainbowcy – Part 1

It’s a long post, so brace yourselves ^^

I wasn’t overly sure how to start this colour wise, but decided to keep the genetics as they were in the rainbowcy. Meaning the kids still inherit their dad’s hair colour if that’s what happened in the rainbowcy, to keep that aspect the same.

Just in case you no longer recognise who these people are, I’ve written their names underneath their pictures 🙂 ‘Cause some of them sure look pretty different! (apart from Lil – you’ll know her even without her name underneath the picture)

I’ll try to do the final generation (including Cari all grown up) this week. Failing that, we’re going away for Christmas next week until the 31st and I won’t be able to update this again in the meantime. If you don’t get the final images this weekend it’ll be January, but I’ll try 🙂


Gen 1

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 photo Screenshot-657_zpsdd447167.jpg


 photo Screenshot-658_zpse3d6bfe7.jpg


 photo Screenshot-659_zps2ce9fada.jpg


 photo Screenshot-660_zps05402bea.jpg

Lil – human

 photo Screenshot-661_zps05402bea.jpg

Lil – vampire

 photo Screenshot-662_zps89c87607.jpg


Gen 2

 photo Screenshot-665_zpsdd3eb51e.jpg


 photo Screenshot-668_zps8982b3d5.jpg


 photo Screenshot-669_zpse38c0e23.jpg


 photo Screenshot-671_zps5378a39d.jpg


 photo Screenshot-672_zpsa81b8252.jpg


 photo Screenshot-664_zps893a7dda.jpg

Lil – vampire

Gen 3

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 photo Screenshot-675_zps6a744013.jpg


 photo Screenshot-676_zpsdd193ca6.jpg


 photo Screenshot-677_zpse3d7b269.jpg


 photo Screenshot-678_zpsead31b7d.jpg


 photo Screenshot-679_zps705df311.jpg


Gen 4

 photo Screenshot-681_zps2a071b1f.jpg


 photo Screenshot-684_zps434fb5a5.jpg

Finn – human

 photo Screenshot-685_zps815b82c5.jpg

Finn – vampire

 photo Screenshot-686_zps6d9e86e4.jpg