IT’S TIME!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Please bear in mind that each description is more of a rough outline at this point ๐Ÿ™‚ I know roughly what will happen for each heir, but I haven’t got the details sorted yet.

If you haven’t read the short interlude introducing all three kids yet, you mayย want to do so before voting.



Name: Poppy Joy

Traits: Insane, Neurotic, Bookworm, Brooding

Blurb: Poppy wants nothing as much as to be a famous author. She knows she has talent – but when the first rejection letter comes back she loses faith in herself a little. Just what else can there possibly be to writing than, well, the fudging writing? On top of that she’s heard voices since she was a teenager, and is trying to hide it – she just knows her parents would lock her up in an asylum if they found out – but recently she isn’t so sure any more that the voices are coming just from inside her head. Someone, something, is calling for help – or is she imagining it? Who does the mysterious voice belong to, and what does it want from her? It doesn’t sound human – but that can’t be right. Can it?

Can she figure out how to make a living as a writer, and save whoever needs her help?


Name: Garnet

Traits: Excitable, Clumsy, Equestrian, Loves the Heat

Blurb: Garnet has always been fascinated by horses. He wants nothing as much as his own little farm and one or two horses, but there are a couple of problems – it’s expensive, he’s probably too clumsy to stay on horseback for long, and horses need room. A lot of room. He visits the equestrian center often and learns how to ride (without falling off). His life is peaceful – until one day he takes ‘his’ horse for a ride into the forest, and finds a woman who doesn’t look like she’s from this world. He can’t understand her, and he can’t explain why she would be out there on her own. He finds himself drawn to the beautiful stranger in the forest, but only knows one thing for certain – she is terrified of something, and unless he can figure out a way to understand her, both their lives may be in danger.

Can he make his dream of owning his own farm and horses come true, as well as save the strange woman he knows nothing about?


Ruby Corona is still a child, so her fourth trait hasn’t been decided yet. Her outfit and hair might also still change.

Name: Ruby Corona

Traits: Excitable, Good, Star Quality

Blurb: Ever since she was a child, Ruby Corona wanted nothing as much as to make people beautiful. She has a talent for it, too, and dreams of becoming the most sought-after stylist in the world. Some of her clients soon become regulars, and pay a lot of money for her skills – as well as her silence. She knows that everyone has secrets, and some people share them too easily. When she uncovers something that should have stayed hidden inside a regular’s home, her whole world threatens to fall apart. Life isn’t what she thought it was – and the truth of it could threaten everyone. How on Earth did she get caught in the middle of something as mad as this? Things were much easier when she was a child, pretending to be Queen of Simdonia.

Can she bring beauty to the world and uncover a terrible truth before it’s too late?

The poll shall remain open until Friday morning, 9.30am GMT ๐Ÿ™‚



The Heir Vote For Gen7 Is Now Open!

Right then, people, it is time!!

The potential heirs are:

Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain photo Screenshot-1490_zps5c8eab33.jpg

Current Traits: Loves The Outdoors, Artistic, (will gain ‘rebellious’ trait)



Ciel photo Screenshot-1491_zps1b0d1182.jpg

Current Traits: Virtuoso, Friendly, (will gain ‘perceptive’ trait)

The twins (yeah, I’m not seeing it, either) will be very close and likely spend a lot of time together even after becoming YAs.ย 

They will both seek revenge in their own way – the winner by going after ghosts directly, and the sibling by going into the science career to figure things out from that end (this bit is undecided. I might keep them in the careers I can see them in atm whether they win or not, so the winner could well be a scientist instead). They’ll likely also have important hobbies which correlate with their traits, so Autumn Rain will do something artistic (I keep seeing her as a sculptor) and Ciel will play an instrument – this will happen with both, whether they win the vote or not.

They will differ a little personality wise regardless of who wins, for example Autumn Rain, in my mind at least, cusses a lot so I’ll have to come up with a lot of berry equivalents, whereas Ciel is more studious than she is but no less suited to be a ghost buster. He plans ahead more whereas she tends to rush in. They compliment each other beautifully, really :3 Just remember that they will spend a lot of time together, so you’ll still see the sibling who doesn’t win a lot anyway. The story just won’t focus on him/her.

I don’t want to give away too much of their stories, so this is all you’re getting ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember that hair and clothes are still subject to change as they’re only toddlers in my game right now.

You can find the heir vote and the spouse’s colour vote on the far right, above the page view counter, number of followers, and all that.

Now, vote!


Heir Vote!!

It’s FINALLY here, everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s time for the heir vote for the 6th heir! (long as this generation has been- I can’t believe we’re about to start the 6th generation! oO)

Please note that the clothes and hair styles for Tacao and Cari might still change (and probably will) as they aren’t teenagers yet in my game. As always both votes can be found to your right, and will be open this time until 4pm on Monday. The summaries to all four of them will be rather short as I haven’t planned anything much yet and don’t want to promise something that might not happen when I do plan it all out. Their stories will be strongly based on their traits, so you can judge them a bit on that ๐Ÿ™‚ I apologise for the lack of information on Tacao and Cari – with only 2/3 traits it’s harder to figure out who they are going to be.

There’s one small change I would like to make this time. Normally the spouse’s colour in this rainbowcy has been determined by the heir’s favourite colour (unless that colour was one that we already previously had), but this time I would like to give all power to you. From now on, all colour votes will be down to you ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, let’s begin!! Oldest to youngest, the candidates are:

6thGen vote Honey photo Screenshot-347_zps6258c795.jpg

Name: Honey Calico

Traits:ย Star Quality, Excitable, Loves The Heat, Cat Person

Summary: Honey loves her baby sister. She knows she’s a mother figure for little Cari, and loves the feeling of being needed – but she can’t see herself having children herself. And why would she? She has Cari, she doesn’t need anyone else. From her experience, relationships don’t really work out anyway. She doesn’t mind the company of guys sometimes, she just can’t see herself being with someone long term. Seeing what the divorce from her mother did to her father was enough to put her off. Besides, actresses lead busy lives! She won’t have room for a man in her life, will she? (Well, no one long term) She has enough love to give to Cari, her cats, and her job – what else does she need?

6thGen vote Cameo photo Screenshot-375_zpsac2a9083.jpg

Name: Cameo

Traits: Daredevil, Athletic, Artistic, Bookworm

Summary: Love in real life sure was a mess. Just looking a his Dad tells him everything Cameo needs to know. The woman he had married turned out to never have loved him, and the one woman he had loved died before they had a chance to be together. As far as he can tell, love hurts more than it’s worth, so he’s in no rush himself. Being a very laid back guy, he prefers art – through writing and painting he can create anything he likes, and best of all? The ending is up to him. He likes creating perfect worlds for himself, but has recently started wondering if he can make any money from this at all. His teacher and Dad say that he’s pretty good, but is that enough?

6thGen vote Salvia photo Screenshot-359_zps5d9c85a7.jpg

Name: Salvia Maple

Traits: Loves To Swim, Brave, Excitable, Great Kisser

Summary: Like her twin brother, Salvia is pretty laid back – until she jumps into the pool. She becomes a very competitive swimmer once her body is engulfed by water. She’s not scared to try new jumps or to swim out a little further – and is wondering whether she can make a career out of this. She knows she’s good, and feels like she should give something back after everything her mother has put her home town through. Maybe she’d like being a life guard? There’s a lot of fit guys near the beach… Or at school. Like her brother, she doesn’t believe in happy endings when it comes to love. She’s seen what it’s done to her Dad, and she doesn’t fancy it for herself, and she’s convinced that no guy or girl could ever change her mind. While everyone is stupidly falling in love, she is preparing to explore the sea – what could be better than living for herself while being in water all the time?

6thGen vote Tacao photo Screenshot-376_zps2a1780fb.jpg

Name: Tacao

Traits: Loves The Outdoors, Excitable, Light Sleeper

Summary: Tacao was young when his mother left. He’s never been able to sleep well, but ever since she left he’s had nightmares. Bad nightmares. He believes that his siblings have the right idea, but surely finding true love isn’t impossible? His Dad nearly had it with his younger sister’s Mum, so it had to be out there, right? But just like his siblings, he finds it hard to trust people. Not just potential long term partners, but people. All of them. He doesn’t like being inside because he feels like the walls are closing in on him. The true life was outside, not behind walls. But can he find it?

6thGen vote Cari photo Screenshot-343_zpsf0c99f83.jpg

Name: Cari Mango

Traits: Loves The Heat, Athletic

Summary: Cari knows that she’s loved, but she can’t help but feel like the outsider amongst her siblings. The one with a different Mum. Tacao especially has been hard on her when she was a child, and even though he seems to have accepted her now that he’s older it has left her feeling vulnerable. Honey especially has always been good to her, and she very much looks up to her beautiful, smart and talented older sister. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of what they want to do with their life, but Honey hasn’t quite decided yet (it’s mostly because I only have two traits). She knows she’s athletic like Salvia – maybe she can find something that can help her feel less vulnerable? There’s so many options, so many people… Surely there’s someone out there who can see past her having a different Mum? She understands why her siblings are all suspicious of love – but she’d like to think that her life doesn’t have to spend alone. Or maybe it’s better that way?

Now…. GO!!!


Hello, everyone!!

So, it’s time! Oracle’s generation is over :/ BUT I have big plans for little Seance, and am excited to start writing ๐Ÿ™‚

Since we can’t have an heir vote I’ve decided to do a colour vote instead. Technically the game has decided the colour already since his favourite colour isn’t one we’ve had yet, but I didn’t want to rob you altogether ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s a picture of Seance as a teenager to help you chose.


I’m also doing a content vote, meaning you get to vote for the sort of content you’d like to see more of ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t worry, if you vote for something like more violence or more adult content I won’t be too explicit. I’ll probably put up a warning at the beginning of the chapters like I’ve done before (for example in Ivy’s generation).

With Romance I mean things like dates, flirting, possibly heartbreak. With Family Stuff I’d mostly integrate other family members that have moved out more (to a certain extend I’ve already done that with Fej and Fawn, but there’d be more), and would have the grandparents in it more. Violence wouldn’t be cussing as suc, but possibly a berry form of it such as saying Fudge or Berryhole, and it would most likely include some physical violence, too. Again, I won’t put in anything too explicit since I would also have to put up a content warning. The same goes for adult content since that would include sex.

I’m not doing aย separate vote on the forums this time, so it’ll just be you guys voting ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ll have 1 voice in ย the colour vote, but you’ll be able to vote for as many as you want in the content.




Heir and Colour Vote

Right, guys, you know the drill! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The votes can be found to your right ๐Ÿ˜€

Hair style and clothes are subject to change as all three of them are toddlers right now. For two of them a colour vote will determine their spouses colour, so please vote on both no matter which girl you’re voting for ๐Ÿ™‚

First up is the oldest, Feijoa Mist. Her current traits are Easily Impressed and Friendly, and her favourite colour is Sea Foam – therefore, you would determine her spouse’s colour.

Then there’s the younger one of the twins, Willow Spectra. Her current traits are Disciplined and Easily Impressed, and her favourite colour is yellow. She’s the only one where your colour vote wouldn’t change anything – her spouse would be yellow either way.

And then there’s her twin sister, Oracle Fern. Her traits so far are Slob and Genius, and her favourite colour is turquoise – so, again, your colour vote would determine her spouse’s colour.

And those are all your choices! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure if it might make your vote easier in any way, but the winner will gain the Green Thumbs trait, maybe also the Loves the Outdoors trait.

The vote will be open for three days, longer if necessary. You’re also welcome to vote on here as an alternative.

Now, vote! ๐Ÿ˜€

Voting Time!

Right then, guys, it’s time! This’ll be the first vote for Whispers in the Wind!

You can find the poll at the end of this page, not in this post! If there’s a way to include it in this post on here, someone please educate me :/ So please, scroll down ^-^

As you all know this is Ivy:

I took a photo of her as a teenager for you because I thought it was somewhat wrong to ask you to find a matching colour for a little girl oO Ivy will hopefully find love eventually, and I’m asking you to help me chose that potential spouse’s colour. Usually, I would let her favourite colour determine this, but hers happens to be white, which we’ve only just had, and I don’t want it to get boring in that aspect ^-^

Please leave your vote below, Ivy and I wouldย greatlyย appreciate it :3 The vote will be up for a couple of days (basically until I’m done in the darkroom and am ready to hand in my work), possibly longer if need be.

Here is the link to the forum poll if anyone’s interested. I trust you’ll all behave yourselves and vote either here or there ๐Ÿ˜‰

You only have on vote, so chose wisely ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, get voting! ๐Ÿ˜€