We Have a Winner! :D

The poll has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has voted. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a tight race before! :O Your final heiress is….


Poppy Joy! 


I’ll start planning her story next week, and will hopefully have her first chapter with you in a few weeks 🙂

A good weekend to you all,






Autumn Rain!!

(aka Pizza Viking)

Autumn Rain photo Screenshot-1490_zps5c8eab33.jpg



I shall get to planning right away! 😀

Thank you to everyone who’s voted and commented – it was odd to see an heir vote getting so many more comments than chapters usually do! 😛 You guys must really love voting!! 😀


Time To Announce The Winners

Cari Mango


Light Blue!!

😀 😀 😀

I had a little peek in CAS to see what the potential gen7 heir (I’m impatient) might look like with that combination.

I left either either her eye and hair colour or her skin colour, and changed the remains to light blue. (I also changed the eyes and lips since we don’t want a clone of Cari) What do you guys think?

possibleGen7.1 photo Screenshot-386_zps2ff6f25e.jpg

possibleGen7.2 photo Screenshot-387_zps92e37fe1.jpg

Not bad, hmm? 😉

I’m not sure yet when I’ll be able to get pictures yet since I’m working tomorrow and I tend to plan the whole thing first, anyway. I’m thinking it’ll probably start when she’s a teenager and right now she’s a toddler, so, you know… Be patient 🙂 I probably won’t start planning anything until she’s become a teenager to be honest, because then I’ll have more traits to go on…

Thank you to everyone who’s voted :3 I’m not sure how many of you are also reading this, but I’m certain that the number has grown since the last vote 🙂

Thank you all again – hopefully I won’t need to make you all wait for too long ^^


And the Winner is…


With only one vote between both choices! oO You guys have made it close again!

Now that Seance’s future spouse’s colour has been decided I can start planning and creating later this week 😉 I can’t wait for his generation to start, and I hope you’ll all love it as much as I do already :3

Thank you, again, for voting!!!


It’s a tie!

The results of the poll are in! 🙂 I’m leaving the closed polls up for now so you can have a look at the results, BUT it’s a tie between dark blue and orange. Now, for reasons I won’t tell you now I need you guys to pick one, so I’m opening a new poll where you can make up your mind 😉 As always you can find it on the left 🙂

Thank you to everyone who’s voted so far! Again I received more votes than I was expecting, and I’m very happy and grateful to have you all on board :3

The new poll will be up until Monday afternoon, that should hopefully give you enough time to reach a decision ^^ I was half expecting a tie since it was really close the whole time.

Also, I’ll be making some small changes to this blog and also to the forum page. For example, I’ll be moving a few things around on here like the sign up by email thing, and several of the pages need updating or adding (like a fan art page – eeek!! still can’t believe there’s fan art!!). On the forum page the first post is in desperate need of an overhaul, so expect to see some – hopefully – positive changes 🙂

AND the one year anniversary of Whispers is on the 20th, so I’ve got some work to do for that 😉

So, yeah. The vote is re-opened. GO!!



Poll Results!

Technically the poll should have been open for another 3 hours yet, but I didn’t get any votes at all in the last 24 hours, and the results have been pretty clear for a little while 🙂 Thank you, everyone, for voting!

Now, here’s the results!


Feijoa – Here 5v’s, Forum 6 v’s – Total: 11 v’s!

Willow – Here 2v’s, Forum 1 v – Total: 3 v’s! (you’re cruel people, you know that?)

Oracle – Here 8 v’s, Forum 15 v’s – Total: 23 v’s!

There, see what I mean? 🙂 That makes Oracle Fern our Gen4 heiress!! 😀


Yellow – Here 4v’s, Forum 2v’s – Total: 6v’s!

Orange – Here 3v’s, Forum 3v’s – Total: 6v’s!

Red – Here none, Forum 5v’s – Total: 5v’s!

Purple – Here 3v’s, Forum 9v’s! – Total: 12v’s!

Grey – none

Black – Here 2v’s, Forum none – Total: 2v’s!

Brown – Here none, Forum 1v – Total: 1v!

Dark Blue – Here 3v’s, Forum 3v’s – Total: 6v’s!

And this makes Oracle Fern’s spouse’s colour Purple/Violet!

One more thing… I got 15 votes on here, but at least 5 of you (who I know are reading) have voted on the forum… You either voted twice, or I have a lot more readers than I thought! Tell me what happened? 🙂 (Seriously, I want to know if you voted twice! Don’t worry, no one’s going to get punished!)

Now, I better get started on Oracle’s generation! So much to do! :3

Thanks again, guys!


And The Winner Is…


Thank you to everyone who’s been voting! It’s been a close call between the winner and orange ^-^

Now that we’ve got a result the first chapter in Ivy’s generation will be out very soon, since I was impatient and started writing it :3 The pictures are already in as well so there’s not much left to do now :3