Hello, you, to my first ever rainbowcy, Whispers in the Wind 🙂

If you’re a new reader – WELCOME!! – I’m Sarina, aka MischiefTheKitten, and I hope that you’ll enjoy your time on this blog. If you do, I’d be grateful for any feedback as I love hearing from you, and if you don’t enjoy your time here, well, that’s fine, don’t feel forced to stay 🙂 please be careful with some of the pages until you’re all caught up, as some pages will contain spoilers otherwise. I’d recommend to stay away from the Outtakes page specifically, and maybe from the Fan Art page as well ^^

If you’re a veteran reader of Whispers – thank you for having stuck with this for as long as you have, however long that may be, and thank you for having moved platforms with me :3 It means a lot to know that some of you at least wanted to read on enough to move blogs 🙂

Generation 8 will be led by this sweet, slightly insane bookworm:

Poppy 2

Poppy’s most recent chapter is 8.17 🙂

If you’d like to comment but don’t want me to know who you are, I’ve enabled anonymous comments 🙂

I really appreciate your feedback, so please leave either a comment here, on the forum page, or on twitter.

For easy access to all other chapters please use the table of contents! 🙂 Also, feel free to browse the other pages as much as you like 🙂

New downloads!! :3

I’ve been having some issues uploading sims using the launcher recently and know that a lot of people have been having issues with the exchange, so I’ve decided to go over MediaFire from now on 🙂 All sims are stripped of 3rd party CC so they should all be save to download and use. If you have problems with any of them or the download please let me know so I can try to fix it.

Since I couldn’t export them into the launcher, I couldn’t upload them as package files. Once downloaded all you have to do is move them into the SavedSims folder and they should work beautifully 🙂


Gen 7 with house (TS3 exchange)

Gen 7 without house (TS3 exchange)



Exchange MediaFire

Other reads:

I currently have two Going Solo challenges up and running. The first one would be my TS4 one, In Another Life

02-26-15_5-05 PM

and the newer one would be my TS3 one which has yet to be titled:


If you feel like something very different to this rainbowcy, there’s also my mature NSFW story The Seven Fates of Night 🙂


teaser photo Screenshot-183_zps6c4957c8.jpg
*gasp* I know, Misty. I know.

31/08/’15: New outtakes, everyone! Seance has been busy!

23/04/’15: The contents page now finally includes Rainy’s picture with her chapters ^^

12/01/’15: Mischief is on facebook now!! Take a look for teasers, previews, chapters, if you wanna have a chat,…… Take me there!

11/12/’14: Whispers’ move to wordpress is now complete 🙂

27/11/’14: Whispers’ move from blogger to its new home has begun! Last transfer: 1.4

13/10/’14: The weekly update will be delayed this week until Wednesday. Apologies, but I’ve been busy this weekend working which is when I would usually take pictures, so…. It’ll be Wednesday.

17/09/’14: Whispers reaches 45K views!!

07/09/’14: Loads of new Outtakes! 🙂

02/09/’14: There’s some new pictures in the Outtakes! 🙂

15/08/’14: The poll results have been announced – Autumn Rain will be the gen7 heiress 🙂

13/08/’14: I have added an all new Outtakes! page which I’ll update as I go along with the story. I might announce here each time there’s a new picture, but I’m undecided about that 🙂 I have also changed the arrangement of the pages and have merged AboutCC with Downloads so it’s just one page now.

11/08/’14: Over the next few days before gen7 starts I’ll make over this blog. Meaning new light blue theme (once I’m ready *sniff*, some other smaller updates, to get all up to date 🙂


If you have any suggestions as to what else you’d like to see included on this homepage, you’re welcome to tell me 🙂



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